Our company operates in the nautical field from more than thirty years.

Our primary focus is the distribution of a wide range of nautical items wholesale, from some years has started the production of life jackets, ring lifebuoy, lights, bilge switch and other items.

With a total efficiency of our staff and a modern computer system the time of shipment of the goods is very fast , within 24 hours.

In addition, our ongoing commitment is to provide customers with a reliable service that can solve any problem that may arise in real time, thanks to our friendly and qualified secretaries.

The basic philosophy is to try to give customers quality products at a competitive price, but without neglecting the care and service.

As a source of distribution of everything related to the world of yachting, our company relies on the collaboration of twelve agents on the Italian territory and others abroad who constantly visit our clients to offer a direct relationship with the company and to meet any need .

In addition, to solve any kind of your request Forniture Nautiche Italiane is in touch with many companies in the world, producing numerous innovative products that can enhance the work of the yard and the boat owner .