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Art. 3941030

A combined inverter and battery charger system, it reduces and eliminates problems with unstable mains voltages from the on-board bank/generator while safeguarding and protecting connected equipment.
Inverter mode: when no external AC power is available, the inverter provides AC power to the AC outputs.
Charger mode: when external AC power is available at the AC input, the battery is recharged and the AC output is supplied by the external power supply.
Power sharing mode: automatically reduces its charger output when the load connected to the AC output (AC OUT) increases while the available AC input (AC IN) power is limited, prevents the external AC circuit breaker from tripping.
AC input support mode: If the demand for AC power continues to increase, the AC circuit breaker may still trip if nothing is done about it. If the total power demand exceeds the maximum external power supply, power can be added to the AC output (AC OUT) via the inverter. In this way, the inverter adds power from the batteries in parallel with the external power source.


COMBIMASTER 12/2000-60

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Availability 7d
Availability over 7d
Product Model Original ref. Nominal Voltage Power Continued Voltage Output Frequency Output Input Voltage Current Input Current Charge Recommended Battery Dimensions Weight Price list €(vat incl.) Unit Avail.
3941032 24/2000-40 35022000 24 V 1600 W 230 V 50/60 HZ 170/280 V MAX 8 A MAX 40A A 28,5V 120-320 AH 371X284X155 MM 6,9 KG €1,435.94 N 1
3941031 12/3000-100 35013000 12 V 2600 W 230 V 50/60 HZ 170/280 V MAX 10 A MAX 100A A 14,25V 300-800 AH 448X284X155 MM 9,3 KG €2,010.56 N 1
3941030 12/2000-60 35012000 12 V 1600 W 230 V 50/60 HZ 170/280 V MAX 6 A MAX 60A A 12,25V 180-500 AH 371X284X155 MM 6,9 KG €1,435.94 N 4 No date


The date is purely indicative

3941033 24/3000-60 35023000 24 V 2600 W 230 V 50/60 HZ 170/280 V MAX 13 A MAX 60A A 28,5V 180-500 AH 448X284X155 MM 9,3 KG €2,011.78 N 1

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