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Art. 3941060

Made of anodised aluminium, the electronic components are coated with corrosion-resistant synthetic materials, the technology is electronic and has mosfets. The components compensate for voltage drops and ensure that charging continues at the correct voltage, even with several battery banks. Compatible with any type of alternator/charger, both in new and existing systems. Ensures linearity in current delivery due to negligible voltage drop; therefore works better and is more efficient than conventional charge dividers. This ensures fast and complete charging of the batteries, without having to make additional settings on the charging equipment. Multi-output suitable for use with alternators of different brands, even if their charging voltage cannot be set. It can charge two or three batteries with very high yields and no voltage drops. The 1602/1603 models are suitable for alternators with a maximum charging current of 160 amperes, the Battery Mate 2503 is ideal for alternators with a maximum charging current of 250 amperes.



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Product Model Original ref. Battery output Battery charger output Alternator output Dimensions Weight Price list €(vat incl.) Unit Avail.
3941062 2503 IG 83125035 3 MAX 200 A MAX 250 A 207X140X80 MM 1 KG €324.76 N 2
3941061 1603 IG 83116035 3 MAX 120 A MAX 160 A 207X140X80 MM 1 KG €272.79 N 4
3941060 1602 IG 83116025 2 MAX 120 A MAX 160 A 207X140X80 MM 1 KG €243.39 N 2

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