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Art. 5608006

Fishfinder with:
TruEcho CHIRP™: Operates over a wide frequency range using a broadband transducer for improved signal clarity and target definition.
RezBoost™ signal processing: improved clarity and resolution for conventional CW transducers.
ACCU-FISH™: A unique fish size and depth assessment function.
Bottom discrimination: Provides bottom composition recognition with 4 types of graphical displays (Rock/Sand/Gravel/Mud).
Bottom Hardness Output: For external plotters such as TZ Professional and Olex.
Colour expansion: expands echo colours to easily identify fish from the seabed.
White line function: finds fish near the seabed by displaying the top edge of the seabed in white to clearly show the structure of the seabed.
Post-processing gain: adjusts gain setting on screen history.
Configurable alarm function: depth, fish echo, speed, arrival, etc.
TLL (Target Lat/Lon) output: Interface with your Furuno chartplotter to mark your fishing area with various information such as depth, water temperature, fish size and bottom type (requires chartplotter).
Fast transmission speed: 3,000 PRR (pulse repetition rate) per minute.
Colours: Sunlight and Yellow colour palettes.
Wireless connectivity: enables remote viewing capabilities.



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5608006 FCV 600 ANY 5,7" 480X640 10 PIN 600 WATT MAX 12/24V €1,573.80 N 4 on request

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